Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 10 Free Agent Wide Receivers: 10-6

Even though the NFL lockout is seriously jeopardizing whether or not there will be an NFL season in 2011-2012, I miss talking football. So here's to hoping the two sides get a CBA worked out sometime in the near future.

10. Santana Moss - Redskins

Age: 32
2010-2011 stats: 93 rec., 1,115 yards, 6 TD, 12.0 YPC

Moss may be up there in age, but his stats don't lie. He still possesses great blow-by speed, a good set of hands, and the desire to continue to be a special NFL receiver. A lot of teams would kill for a deep threat receiver of Moss' caliber, which is why I see Washington making a huge push to keep him on their roster. Moss is a solid veteran who could be a huge asset to many teams.

Prediction: Moss ends up staying in D.C., they need all the help they can get at wide out which means they may over pay to keep him.

9. James Jones - Packers

Age: 27
2010-2011 stats: 50 rec., 679 yards, 5 TD, 13.6 YPC

Jones has been hiding behind Greg Jennings and Donald Driver for his entire NFL career. Despite not being a starting WR, Jones still put up some pretty solid numbers. He has extremely strong hands, and at 6-1 208lbs, with decent speed, Jones is a perfect option in the slot for a team looking to upgrade their receiving corps. The only problem with Jones, is he likes to run before the catch, resulting in dropped passes and fumbles. If Jones can take care of that problem, he could be a breakout receiver in the right system.

Prediction: The only prediction that I can make is that Jones will not stay with Green Bay. A lot of teams have a need at the position, so look for Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Kansas City to be in on the James Jones sweepstakes.

8. Steve Breaston - Cardinals

Age: 27
2010-2011 stats: 47 rec., 718 yards, 1 TD, 15.3 YPC

We can't put too much stock on Breaston's stats last year for one reason: the QB situation in AZ last year was horrific. Like Jones, Breaston has spent his entire NFL career behind two great receivers, Larry Fitzgerald, and Anquan Boldin (4 out of 5 seasons). Last season, Breaston missed three games with a knee injury but still came back and had a few strong performances. One of his best qualities is his speed off the line; Breaston is a lightning bolt in the slot. The most telling stat about how solid of a receiver he really is: 187 career receptions with zero fumbles. Everyone knows the talent that Breaston possesses, it's just getting past his knee problem.

Prediction: I think Breaston stays in Arizona.

7. Terrell Owens - Bengals

Age: 37
2010-2011 stats: 72 rec., 983 yards, 9 TD, 13.7 YPC

My boy Skip Bayless likes to refer to T.O. as Team Obliterator, which is a very fitting nickname. Unfortunately, you can't deny the production that Owens has brought to every stop on his tour of the NFL. Despite being 37 years of age, Owens is still one of the best conditioned athletes in any sport. He has great strength, speed and hands, and has a knack for the end zone - he had 9 TD's last season. If Owens can keep his mouth shut, which may take some surgery, he can be a solid receiver for any team.

Prediction: I see T.O. hooking up with a contender in need of some WR help. Maybe Baltimore? I think the veteran leadership, and the Ray Lewis intimidation factor could keep Owens with his eyes on the prize.

6. Malcom Floyd - San Diego

Age: 29
2010-2011 stats: 37 rec., 717 yards, 6 TD, 19.4 YPC

Floyd got some more looks last season due to the absence of Vincent Jackson, and it paid off. Even though he missed five games, Floyd produced at a very high rate. He has great size (6-5 225) and Floyd has been highly praised for his ability to control his body while making difficult catches. He has great downfield speed, and a solid set of hands: he has fumbled just once in 134 career receptions.

Prediction: San Diego may have to choose between Floyd and Vincent Jackson. Because of the problems they had with VJax, and the price he may demand, I think the Chargers will retain Floyd.

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