Friday, February 4, 2011

Biggest All-Star Snub

The NBA announced the reserves for this year's All-Star game at Staples Center. Overall, I think they East reserve's were rightfully chosen, but the West is a different story.

First off, the fact that Yao Ming was chosen as a starter is a flat out disgrace. It shows that the fan vote truly accounts for nothing. Secondly, there is one guy who was left off the team who I feel earned a spot - T-Wolves forward Kevin Love.

Yes, I know Minnesota is one of the worst teams in the association, but that's not K-Love's fault. Love is leading the league in rebounding at 15.5 per game, he is averaging a career best 21.4 points per game, and is shooting nearly 44% from behind the arc - good for top 5 in the NBA.

So, it begs the question - Who should have been left off the roster to make room for Love? The Answer: Tim Duncan.

I can hear the cries of Spurs fans as I'm typing this, but it's true. The biggest pro-Duncan argument I will get is - he is the best player on the best team. Not really. Duncan is producing at a career low clip in nearly every statistical category. Tony Parker (whom I believe should be the Commissioner's pick), and Manu Ginobilli (2011 All-Star) are the catalysts of the 41-8 Spurs.

Love's numbers are unmatched - six 20-20 games, 1 30-30 game, and 43 double-doubles so far this season! The guy has earned it.

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