Monday, August 2, 2010

Top 11 Ugliest Jersey's in NBA History

Keeping with the theme of my last post, I am going to talk about fashion in the NBA. This time, however, I am going to the other end of the spectrum; the absolute worst NBA Jersey's to ever grace the hardwood. A lot of teams have tried multiple times to get their jersey right, and most of them are still trying. Research on this topic wasn't as hard as it was for me to pick the best NBA jersey's, I actually couldn't decide on just ten, so here are the eleven ugliest jersey's in NBA history:

11. Cleveland Cavaliers - Mid 1990's

Look at Shawn Kemp's face, and tell me he is happy to be wearing that uniform. He's not. The quote underneath the picture is perfect, that jersey is horrendous.

10. Seattle Supersonics - Alternate Red Jersey (98-2001)

You know a jersey is bad when you can't find a picture of a player actually wearing it. Whoever thought that these colors go together nicely should have been fired. Must have been Howard Schultz, he makes employee's at Starbucks wear ridiculous bright green aprons to work.

9. Utah Jazz - Green and Yellow Jersey

I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to have both green and yellow put on this jersey, but its horrible. The Jazz wore this fantastically bad uniform in the 80's and they certainly didn't stray too far away from the fashion during that time.

8. Atlanta Hawks - "Flying Hawk" Jersey

There is way too much going on with this one. The lettering and numbers are huge, while the Hawk is nothing short of cheesy. The fact that it's on Dikembe Mutombo doesn't help either.

7. Houston Rockets - Mid 90's

Like the Hawks jersey, this one has WAY too much going on. Dark blue, white pinstripes, red outline and that ridiculous logo are all elements of a fashion faux pas. Their home whites are a little bit better, but still, the logo was horrific.

6. 76ers - Early 90's

I feel bad for Barkley, he is the first repeat offender to appear on this list. It's not the colors that make this jersey so bad, its the odd, multi-colored stars that are inside the weird, royal blue upswing on the front of it.

5. Vancouver Grizzlies - Expansion Jersey

Bryant "Big Country" Reeves looks absolutely ridiculous in this jersey. It's bad enough to be an expansion team, but when you are putting the future of your franchise in the hands of Big Country and putting him in that uniform, you are just asking to fail.

4. Detroit Pistons - Teal Jersey

Three mistakes on this one: 1. Teal should never be used to represent a sports team, it is not an intimidating or flattering color, 2. The flaming horse head is ridiculous, I understand that it has to do with the whole engine theme, but the Pistons took this too literal, 3. The end of the two letter 'S' being turned into exhaust pipes is over the top.

3. New Jersey Nets - Tie Dye Jersey

I had a hard time determining the order of the top three ugliest jerseys. The Nets tie dye jersey comes in at number three only because it was an alternate jersey. If they had actually worn it on a regular basis, it might have been number one. Honestly, tie dye?

2. Milwaukee Bucks - '96-'97 Alternate Jersey

How could anyone have taken the Bucks seriously when they wore this thing? I would have been doubled-over in laughter for the entire game. I want you to look at that jersey and analyze it for a minute....Okay, we have a green base color with thick dark green pinstripes, white and purple lettering, and a HUGE deer in the middle. This was meant as a joke, there is no way someone would actually think this is cool.

1. Toronto Raptors - Expansion Jersey

Yes, the Raptors actually wore this on a nightly basis. Everything is wrong with this jersey, an expansion team should keep it simple and use strong colors to draw away from the fact that they are terrible as a team. The Raptors made themselves the laughing stock of the NBA in two different ways with this jersey. The purple base, alternating black and white pinstripes, and what I like to call the Barney-on-steroids dinosaur make this the worst jersey in the history of the NBA.


  1. you don't like the flaming horse head? cmon man its a flaming horse head.....ahahahaha

  2. The Bucks is the worse!

  3. Hahaha I'll pass on any flaming horse head! And if the Bucks had actually worn that jersey for more than a couple of games in the '96-'97 season, it would have been tops on the list. The Raps actually based their expansion franchise on that sorry excuse of a jersey, that is why it was number one.

  4. i like the raptors one and the bucks one. dont hate..

  5. ^^there are some good things about those two uni's, but overall, they are terrible. Hence why they only lasted 1-2 years.

  6. They jerseys are tight, you guys are gay

  7. The Raptors and Rockets jerseys were classic. I guess you probably got hard after seeing the new Nets logo.

  8. The raptors Jersey is clean! The bucks one isn't bad either you guys are tripping Ballz