Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 6 Picks

Week 4: 6-8
Week 5: 6-8
Overall: 34-28

Packers over Dolphins - 24-23
Bears over Seahawks - 21-10
Chargers over Rams - 24-13
Ravens over Patriots - 20-17
NY Giants over Lions - 27-17
Falcons over Eagles - 24-17
Steelers over Browns - 31-6
Saints over Bucs - 28-13
Texans over Chiefs - 24-21
Jets over Broncos - 24-17
49ers over Raiders - 20-17
Vikings over Cowboys - 28-24
Colts over Redskins - 31-20
Titans over Jags - 24-17

Sunday, October 10, 2010

NFL Week 5 Picks

Jacksonville over Buffalo - 24-17
Cincinnati over Tampa Bay - 21-17
Atlanta over Cleveland - 17-14
St. Louis over Detroit - 20-13
Indy over Kansas City - 31-17
Green Bay over Washington - 27-20
Chicago over Carolina - 24-10
Baltimore over Denver - 27-17
NY Giants over Houston - 24-21
New Orleans over Arizona - 34-17
San Diego over Oakland - 31-14
Dallas over Tennessee - 27-24
Minnesota over NY Jets - 24-17

Upset of the week: San Francisco over Philadelphia - 17-13

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NFL Week 4 Recap

Fantasy Update:
Team FTS has won back to back weeks since going 0-2 to begin the season. Phillip Rivers has been carrying my team on his back, this week lighting up the Arizona Cardinals. Maurice Jones-Drew finally came out of his 3 game slump, getting me a nice 23 points. The surprise of my entire Sunday was Raiders TE Zach Miller. Miller caught 11 passes for 122 yards and a TD, he sealed my victory this week. I'm gonna need some RB adjustments this week due in part to the groin injury suffered by Clinton Portis, but mostly due to Shonn Greene allowing LT to take over his feature back slot. Marshawn Lynch was traded to the Seahawks today, so that opens up a few options at RB for all fantasy players. Lynch is available in a lot of leagues, and Fred Jackson along with C.J. Spiller will be getting a lot of carries with the departure of Lynch.

Best of Week 4:

5. Charles Woodson - The Packer DB has had his fair share of interceptions throughout his career, but this one was different. Woodson made the pick, then had the presence of mind to realize he was not touched down. Woodson proceeded to return the interception 48 yards, capping it off with a 5 yard touchdown dive into the end zone. That's how you play football, kids.

4. Danny Amendola - The Rams WR made a ridiculous one-handed catch against the Seahawks on Sunday, if you didn't see it, just turn on ESPN, because you need to.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags finally got a great game out of their star Maurice Jones-Drew, and they beat the Colts with a nail-biting last second field goal by Josh Scobee.

2. Taylor Mays and Roddy White- Former WR punishing USC DB Taylor Mays, now delegated to special teams in the NFL, made his first big splash in the pros on Sunday. Mays tightroped the back line of the end zone and waited for the ball to fall into his hands. That recovery gave the Falcons a much needed 7 point boost. White usually makes his best plays on offense, but against the Niners on Sunday, his best play was on defense. After Nate Clements picked off Matt Ryan late in the fourth quarter, White chased Clements down, and tapped the ball out from behind, and the Falcons recovered the fumble, setting up the game winning Matt Bryant field goal.

1. Patrick Chung - The Patriots unknown defense and special teams gem was unleashed yesterday on Monday Night Football against the Dolphins. With the Patriots struggling mightily on offense, Chung took over with two blocked kicks, and an interception return for a TD. Who says special teams doesn't matter?

Worst from Week 4:

5. Colts - Not only did the Colts lose to the Jags on Sunday, but the also lost backup safety Melvin Bullitt for the season. With starting safety Bob Sanders expected out for the season as well, the Colts secondary is now more vulnerable than ever before.

4. Bears QB's - First Jay Cutler was sacked an NFL record nine times in the first half. On the ninth and final one, Cutler was knocked out of the game with a concussion. Backup QB Todd Collins started the second half for the Bears and he quickly threw an interception and was also knocked out of the game with an injury.

3. Bears O-Line - The Bears O-Line got worked by the NY Giants front line to the tune of 10 sacks, nine coming in the first half, ridiculous.

2. Dolphins Special Teams - To allow one guy to completely turn around the momentum of a football game is unacceptable. But to allow a guy named Patrick Chung to single handedly beat you on special teams is just outright bad. The Dolphins fired their special teams coach after the game.

1. You flip the bird to the refs, you get fined $40,000. Unhappy with the refs, or maybe how horrible his defense was playing, Titans D-coordinator Chuck Cecil was caught on tape flipping off the refs, and was swiftly fined $40,000.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

NFL Week 4 Picks

Falcons over 49ers - 24-13
Jets over Bills - 27-9
Bengals over Browns - 24-10
Packers over Lions - 31-13
Titans over Broncos - 28-13
Seahawks over Rams - 17-13
Steelers over Ravens - 17-10
Saints over Panthers - 31-10
Texans over Raiders - 24-13
Colts over Jags - 34-21
Eagles over Redskins - 24-21
Chargers over Cardinals - 24-17
Bears over NY Giants - 24-20
Patriots over Dolphins - 21-17